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There is beauty in decay

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butterfly eye
woah.... look it's lj

weird! hehe

I read lj everyday, but I rarely post.

Currently I am sleepy....I had a very odd night's sleep last night, which just threw me off all day.

Sitting at starbucks getting some tests graded for tomorrow. I've instituted friday movie day in my classes. It's really nice not having to plan too much for friday's at the moment. We are already talking about fall classes though.

ugh teaching over the summer = suck my will to live! hehe

I really need something different I think, unfortunately I need the same level of pay (as little as it is), but it's still more than I'd get working at like QT or whatever. Oy!

thinking early bed tonight, although I did early bed last night and had the fucked up sleep so who knows.

I need to go clean out my car, maybe I should do that after I'm done with my tests.


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*pokes*'s you! ;)

ixion told me to friend you. :)

hehe ah cool, now I feel like I should update more often =)

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