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butterfly eye

Oy.....poor neglected lj.

So it's almost my birthday and my dad bought me an ipad2 for my b'day!!! I <3 my daddie hehe as many of you probably saw on Facebook. Yay excited. I just downloaded this app for lj so perhaps I will update more often lol.

So life has been strange recently. Hanging out with an old friend from high school a bit more. Still an emotional roller coaster concerning my love life and such. Trying to move on. Some days are better then others. My mom wants to help pay for my tattoo I am wanting to get, which just seems odd to me hehe but perhaps it'll mean I'll actually get it or something like that.

Anyway I should sleep soon. Want to get up early and mow the yard, exciting week off from work I know =)

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iPad2...sweet!!! :D

What tattoo do you want to get?

I want a vine wrapped around both ankles...thinking philodendron ankle green and lush the other ankle staring to wilt and die.

Sounds pretty awesome!! :D

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