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butterfly eye

Day two of iPad goodness. Mmmm still loving my ice cream scoop (that's it's name btw). Heh

I like this lj app I downloaded as well. Now I just need to find an app that let's me read my web comics in am awesome way heh other than bookmarks.

So my week vacation is like half I was super productive. I went to the gym, mowed the yard, and the. Utterly demolished my room. Every once in awhile I get the urge to rearrange crap in my room and today I gave in and flipped my bed up against the wall and well the rest is history. It's mostly done, need to remake my bed and get the curtains out if the dryer, but things are all moved around. Fun times!

I also got all the grading done that I brought home, now I just need to plan for the next week. I am gone two days next week and sin e we are block scheduling I'll have to like extra plan.

Anyway time to watch movie and eat pizza with peeps!

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