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butterfly eye

Okay so my brief return to live journal seems to have passed a bit hehe.

I still am loving the iPad app I got for it thought, it makes reading my friends page extra awesome. I also am posting pictures of random stuff now hehe sorry Facebook and twitter friends if it's been annoying :)

So this was a pretty intestine birthday week.....was spoiled to death it seems :) many pretty prezzies and noms were had. Went out to dinner a couple times, had more cake then necessary, and got to hang out with people. One more big present is coming next Friday.

Speaking of next Friday, this upcoming week is my first Full week of working for a few weeks. Which is lame! Hehe although then the week after next I again have a shortened week due to this ecurriculum conference I am attending. I suppose if one must work during the summer having multiple shortened weeks throughout does certainly help. It still sucks my will to live at times hehe. Of course this non teaching people are probably telling me to shove it hehe.

Life has certainly been up and down recently....I hope more ups from here on out, but we'll see..

Anyway just checking in as they say =)

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Yes non teaching folk are definitely telling you to shove it ;) lol

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