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butterfly eye

So I just sent the past two days at the Sheraton in west Des Moines for my eCurriculum conference for this huge date wide initiative I am participating in this upcoming school year. It was a pretty fun conference, some struggles and frustrations here and there but overall it was good. I also got to stay a night at the Sheraton. Which is super fancy and nice inside. The pillows and bed were awesome hehe. Nifty other sorts of cool stuff. I always feel encouraged and energized to do all sorts of cool stuff after things like this.

On the not so fun side, dad was having chest pains this week, which apparently got worse Thursday. So my aunt took him to the heart doctor and then today they had dad get an angiogram in which they put four stents in. Oy!

He seems to be doing all right now though.

Fun fun.!


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